Please help my baby and I listen to good streaming music
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I've been reliant on good headphones to listen to music privately -- or an Amazon Dot to have music in the room. Now I really want to be able to stream better quality sound into my family room.

It's important that I have the ability to tell Alexa to stream music -- even if that's by hooking the speaker to a Dot. My budget is relatively low -- maybe $300.

I listen to a lot of classical music, as well as folk and acoustic. I don't much need booming volume and I don't care much about looks. I might be interested in pairing two for stereo if it isn't too difficult.

Some options I've seen so far include:

Amazon Echo
Sonos 1
Klipsch Heritage Wireless The One II
Audio Pro Addon T3
Audio Pro Addon T5

But I can't find any direct comparisons on the sound. Please help.
Reviews seem to indicate some people having trouble with maintaining a good signal to the Sonos 1, which otherwise looks nice.
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We use a bluetooth enabled soundbar on our TV to stream music. The soundbar has a wireless sub-woofer so we get a pretty full sound.
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We have a JBL Flip 4 bluetooth speaker & have been very impressed with the sound quality, especially considering how small it is. You should be able to pair it with an Echo or stream from your phone. Music played directly on our older Echo (using just the speaker built in to the Echo) does not sound very good.
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I have had an Echo, Sonos, and Audio Pro T5.

The T5 sounds significantly better than either of the others. That said, it does not have Alexa integration, just a stereo aux input. If you want Alexa integration you should look at the Audio Pro Addon C5A. It's the same speaker, but with full Alexa support. It is hard to do better under $300 than this speaker. The Addon series punches way above its weight.
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I've been very happy with my audioengine A2+ and A5 paired with their bluetooth receiver. I connect my phone and stream from there. Pairing just works (not something I often sat about bluetooth) and I can use any steaming service I'd like. I also own a sonos device that I have not used since I purchased the A2+ - this has more to do with just how awful the sonos app is than the sound quality of the speaker.

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